Current Research Projects

Haptic Regimes of Tattooing: Body Modification, Sensory History and Embodied Dependencies in Indo-Caribbean Communities

This project is part of the research group "Marking Power: Embodied Dependencies, Haptic Regimes and Body Modification".

(2020-, University of Bonn)


The Marking and Making of Bodies: Practices of Godna and the Sensing of Histories among Caribbean Hindu Women

(2017-2020, University of Cologne)

Religion, Inter-ethnic Conflict, and Concepts of ‘Development’ in Guyana

Ethnic and religious identities are interrelated and cannot be considered as distinct in the multi-religious and multi-ethnic society of Guyana. These identities, processes of ethnopoliticization, as well as inter-ethnic tensions influence local definitions of ‘development,’ which vary among the various social actors. This project analyzes and compares conceptualizations of development in two Guyanese faith-based

organizations, approaches the local opposition of spirituality and religion, and discusses the perceived challenges of ethnic reconciliation, which these actors consider necessary for nation-building and ‘development.’

(2015-2017, University of Basel)