Sinah Theres Kloß

I'm a social anthropologist and research group leader at the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (BCDSS), University of Bonn, Germany. My main research areas are the anthropology of religion; body politics and embodiment; material culture studies; tattooing, clothing and dress; transnational migration; and Postcolonial and Southern theory. My regional focus is on the Caribbean, especially Guyana and Suriname, but I also specialize in the transcultural flows between India and the Caribbean.


Book Chapter

Touching Deities: Offerings, Energies, and the Notion of Touch in Guyanese Hinduism”, In: Religion and Touch (eds. C. Welch and A. Whitehead), Sheffield: Equinox Publishing (Religion of the Senses), pp. 51-66.

Discussant @ Round Table

"'Picture a Scientist' - Frauen der Wissenschaft"

Podiumsdiskussion & Streaming-Event

Equal Opportunity Office, University of Bonn

July 20, 2021; 12-2pm

Talk @ Workshop "Narratives of Dependency", University of Bonn

"Tattooed Dependency: Embodied Narratives of Suffering and Endurance"

July 16, 2021; 12:15pm


Talk @ DGSKA (German Anthropological Association) Working Group "Gender & Sexualities | Queer Anthropology"

"The Gatekeeper’s Touch: Sexualized Harassment and Power Dynamics during Ethnographic Fieldwork"

July 7, 2021; 5pm

Book Chapter

"Ritualtransfer und Transnationalismus: Zur Konstruktion von Kontexten vor dem Hintergrund transnationaler Migration." 2021. In: Kontextwechsel und Bedeutung (ed. T. Greub, S. Kloß, T. Schröder), Paderborn/Leiden: Fink/Brill, pp. 193-211, Fig. p. 8-10 (Tafeln).

Talk @ Department of Asian and Islamic Art History, University of Bonn

"Sartorial Contestations of Indianness: Guyanese ‘Indian Wear’ and the Creation of the Indian Other"

June 14, 2021; 6pm

Talk @ Institutskolloquium, Institute of Anthropology, University of Heidelberg

"Fieldwork as Embodied Practice: Sexualized Harassment, Gender and Power Dynamics in the Field"

May 25, 2021; 5pm

Talk @ Lecture Series "Rethinking Area Studies, Producing Space from the ›Global South‹? Post/Colonial Perspectives and
(G)local Challenges"

"Un-Mapping the 'Global South': Reflections on a Heuristic Concept"

University of Regensburg, Germany

April 15, 2021; 6 pm

Talk @ Bard College, New York, USA

"Staying in Touch: Touch, Material Likeness and Gifts of Touched Clothing"

March 29, 2021; 12 pm (EST)

Talk @ International Conference

Between Mobilities and Demarcations of Boundaries: Education and the Politics of Education in the Caribbean

Socare Annual Conference, Erlangen

"Having to Educate: The Notion of ‘Holistic Development’ and Post-Development Discourse in Guyana"

March 22, 2020

due to COVID-19 postponed to:

March 2021

Latest BookS

Edited Volume

New York: Routledge (Routledge Studies in Cultural History).

Edited Volume.

Paderborn: Brill | Fink.

Edited volume

Munich: oekom.

Upcoming Events

Conference @ Schloss Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany

North and South: Forms of Inequality within International Politics of Scientific Production

organized by Barbara Potthast, Claudio Pinheiro and Sinah Kloß

June 29-July 1, 2020

due to COVID-19 postponded to:

October 6-8, 2021

Conference @ BCDSS, University of Bonn, Germany

Transforming Spirit Bodies: Changing Materialities and Embodied Dependencies

September 29-30, 2022

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© TatuBakru, Pierre Bong, Paramaribo/Suriname 2007